Glam Rockstud

When: Not so long ago that I was wearing sandals, but not so recent that it's all-boots season.

I hate to admit it, but I may have to start packing away my sandals and bidding them adieu until next year. Yes, the time change and the sudden abundance of darkness means I'll be burying myself under a down comforter watching all those Blacklist episodes I've saved up over that last couple months. You'll be able to find me on Instagram during the long winter months posting any high end designer shoes I come across at Nordstrom Rack, my second home. Until then remember, white in winter is not a crime and if someone tells you it is, just know that it's their problem not yours. Dress for you and make yourself happy because you matter most!

Sweater: Isabel Marrant via Nieman Marcus Last Call, $104/$425 
Jeans: Rag & Bone White Zipper Jean via Tradesy $55/$198 similar here for $57
Handbag: Valentino Glam Rockstud via Nordstrom Rack $720/$2495
Tassel Earrings: Meow Meow in Boulder, CO $40
Shoes: Christian Louboutin Confusa Pumps via Nordstrom Rack $250/$1295


Never Iron Again - Jiffy ESTEAM

Before Jiffy ESTEAM
After Jiffy ESEAM

 When: Every day of my life that my closet decides there's not enough space between my garments.

You know the drill, every morning you wake up and manage to put an outfit together in your head, only to find out that one part of it is wrinkled beyond belief due to your overflowing closet, which hasn't been pared down since the well, oh look at that dust bunny.  Or you're traveling to a far off destination with a fabulous dress that is surely not going to survive wrinkle free in the suitcase you so gently packed it in. I'm happy to tell you problems like this won't be an issue any longer, if you abide by one simple rule; steaming with the Jiffy ESTEAM Steamer

Why you ask? Simple, it's small, lightweight and travels well in compact spaces. Think of it as a very cheery Concierge at your service to remove some of the most tough wrinkles, creases and yes muddy paw prints off fabric. A few other reasons to have this powerhouse of a steamer in your life:

  • Extremely fast steam output under 2 minutes, about 3 minutes in higher altitudes. 
  • Ease of use, plug it in and go for up to 20 minutes.
  • Gowns for all those Weddings, Pageants, Proms, Homecomings & Social Events galore.
  • You're traveling the summer in an RV and have no room for a Jiffy J-2000 Steamer.
  • You're child just left for college & you don't want them to look as if they just rolled out of bed. 
  • Traveling is your life, yet you find it troubling to give your garments to others to take care of.
  • Fifi just decided to step into mud and then on your favorite shoe - steam, blot, repeat until gone.
  • Weighing less than Fifi at 1.5 lbs. & it's not going to give you a workout lifting it up and down.   

The Jiffy ESTEAM is a great choice for treating your clothes they way they should be treated, with care. Personally I would not trust my designer clothing to anything but a Jiffy Steamer, as I've mentioned before here. There's no need to only have one steamer in your life either. As the ESTEAM works wonders for 5-7 items not needing more than 20 minutes of steam, the J-2000 which has a much larger reservoir and longer steam time is great for in home use and it's mobile. If you love your clothes and want them to last longer steaming is the best way to preserve them while trying to remove stubborn wrinkles. Check out more colors, hello pink, and models at Jiffy Steamers online.

A special offer for readers: enter "myjiffysteamer" when you buy a new steamer from Jiffy Steamer and receive 10% off your purchase. Such a great deal!

*This is a sponsored post by Jiffy Steamers. The opinions of the Jiff ESTEAM Steamer are those of Sparkle, Style, Shine! 


The Perfect White Jean

When: Monday, since I had just made these Jimmy Choo's more comfortable than they already are.

A long long time ago I used to get excited when I somehow managed to piece together something of substance in the early morning hours/minutes before work. This happened to be one of those days. White jeans in the summer are an essential, however finding the perfect pair can take as long as summer. There are a plethora of jeans out there however not all stand up to the rigorous standards we should have; not transparent, minimal creasing, light weight and fits in all the right places. One of my favorites are these FRAME Le Skinny de Jean Crop Jeans, since they do have some stretch in them. I would order down one size from your usual. Second, Rag & Bone's Bright White 'Capri' Skinny Crop Jean, which is quite a bit lighter in weight, but definitely not see through, a huge plus. Either of these are top picks in my book and I've tried on a great deal of them. Let me know if you have found any that you love as well.

Jacket: Milly Fringe-trim Cropped Tweed Blazer from Willow in Boulder has a few left. Size up 2 from normal. Milly runs small. $112/$450
Jeans: FRAME from Shopbop, le color cropped skinny fits like le skinny de jean, $132/$184
Heels: Jimmy Choo Abel  from Nordstrom Rack, $180/$595
Top: tibi Stencil Print Shell Top from tibi, $54/$245 similar
Handbag: See by Chloe 'Nellie' in Sahara from NR, $125/$450