My name is Kristen and I have had a love of shiny, sparkly objects since I wore my first tiara at age 6. I have a knack for finding high end designer shoes and clothing at amazing prices.  I also collect vintage pieces and incorporate them into the outfits I wear each day.  

I work a regular job during the week and wear what you see here, which varies from day to day between casual and dressy.  Living in Boulder, CO there are quite the range of styles to chose from.   I try to come up with creative combinations from my ever growing shoe selection, yes it's a problem, and my small closet.

Looks that are put together, comfortable (because why would you wear something you aren't going to feel comfortable in?) and stylish are my ultimate goal.  

For questions please email me at kkclough at gmail dot com!

All the images on Sparkle Style Shine, except those credited appropriately, are taken by myself.