I really love this shirt for two reasons.  One, it's so light air just moves right through it, so even though it's a long sleeve it feels like a lightweight tank.  Two, it's made by Esprit, my favorite clothing company from the 80's that unfortunately no longer has a U.S. presence, as of April of this year.  You can however buy all you want off their online site if you live in the UK or pretty much any other continent except North America:(  I think this warrants a trip to see my sister in London, no?!  
  • Top: Esprit
  • Jeans: Guess Starlet Noisy Wash
  • Bracelets: Vintage/J. Crew
  • Sparkle: Marco Santi Rhinestone Sandals
  • Nails: OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

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