On Fire!

It's been a slightly crazy week.  To start off, the state of Colorado was on fire everywhere & we ended up preparing to evacuate last Tuesday.  Three big bins full of shoes and one of clothes I couldn't live without were packed.  Shoes and puppies first of course when evacuating.  Luckily, as it turns out we didn't have to evacuate, but it was a good lesson in determining which items in my closet I value most and what I don't use as often.  I decided once we unpacked to either ebay or consign some things that didn't make it into the must go bins.  You'll find this also happens when your half way through packing to move to a new place.  You just start throwing stuff into the "there is no way I am packing this in a box and moving it to the next location" box.

On a side note,  my camera completely died.  When I say died I mean keeled over and refused to open when I asked it to.  So I am in the process of finding a new camera that has everything I want in it.  No small task really I tell you.  In the mean time I have a few pictures I haven't gotten around to posting, so I will and hopefully for my sake and your I'll have a new camera soon.

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