A Million Bucks

This red dress, which I found at Urban Outfitters half off their sale prices sale for $20 was something I thought could use some help.  There were so many of these gorgeous dresses on the sale rack, originally $140, due to the fact they looked like a tent when you put them on.  But with a little imagination and the help of a belt it became, well as my Mom used to put it in my pageant days "all that I(it) can be."  So the dress came home with me last year and sat in my closet waiting for summer to arrive and it did, but the dress sat still buried under other clothes for quite some time.  Then one morning, as it usually happens, I was running late and wanted to find something easy and quick to wear.  Dresses work in that kind of way you know, you put one on and there you are.  So here I am sharing with you a dress that feels like a million bucks, once it knew how to be styled.

Dress: Piplette by Alice Ritter via UO last year $20
Sweater: JJ Basics
Shoes: Kimchi Blue Lovely Leaves Sandal $20
Sunglasses: Kate Spade Albertine from Nordstrom Rack $60
Bracelet: J. Crew $20
Earrings: Ralph Lauren via Nordstrom Rack $10
Sparkle: Vintage Bow Belt from my attic

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