Boyfriend Jeans + Colorado Layers

I would have to say that if I ever had to define Colorado Style this would probably encompass it in a nutshell.  We live in layers as a necessity because the weather can be quite temperamental, but we love it anyway.  As for the "Boyfriend Jeans", these really are just well worn slouchy jeans that say I didn't spend $70 for a trend I couldn't replicate with what I already owned.  Because who has the money to keep spending on trendy things.  That is my rant for today so remember everything comes around again and again in this stylish world and you don't have to take on every trend.

Jacket: Lucky Brand Fur Collar Air Bomber Jacket via Nordstrom Rack $38
Jeans: Very well worn Guess Starlet Noisy Wash $89
Sweatshirt: Hard Tail Kangaroo Sweatshirt via Nordstrom Rack $20
Scarf: Vera - vintage via an Estate Sale $3 or here
Handbag: Coach Alex Signature Sateen Tote via NR $168
Flats: Steve Madden, similar

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