Modern Vintage

Estate sales can be a great place to find one of a kind vintage clothing and this is where I snapped up this beauty.  If you could see the stitching on the inside of this curve striped dress you would be in awe I assure you.  I think whoever made the dress worked so hard on it they forgot the most important part - the lining.  This is why underpinnings make such a huge different in the ability to wear an item that could only be deemed scandalous if it were not there.  It also makes polyester bearable:)

Dress: Vintage via Estate sale, $15
Underpinnings: F.I.T.
Bracelet: Vintage, $10
Heels: Michael Kors Molly Sandal, Nordstrom Rack $15
Flats: Mia Preta Flip Flops, $20
Handbag: Coach Signature Sateen Alex Tote

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