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There is a shopping god I just know it!  It's not a typo below that I purchased these YSL pumps for a mere $80 at Nordstrom Rack.  Nope, I just happened to be in the Boulder store the night before Thanksgiving looking around and one of the very friendly sales associates happened to tell me that they were doing a high end designer "shoe drop" at 1 p.m. on Black Friday.  I thought, well surely by then the crowds would have thinned out, so I must go.  I showed up a little before 1 and was looking at the amazing deals they had on Hunter Boots - $50, they are never that cheap.  They announced the sale and I turned around to head over and on the floor I spotted a green $50 dot.  Nordstrom Rack had green dots hidden throughout the store that were worth $50, so if you found one you brought it up to the cashier and they gave you a gift card for that amount.  That was exciting enough, but then I found these YSL pumps for $80, in addition to a pair of curved heel Miu Miu's that were also $80.  It was a great shopping day I tell you!  So lesson learned here is be friendly to your sales associates.  You never know what great tips they will give you!

Scarf: Lulu "Horse" Print Scarf via Nordstrom sold out, $18
Stripped Top: 4Paix via Nordstrom Rack, $14 (old)
Skirt: Standard James Perse via NR, $20 (old)
Handbag: Coach Alex Sateen Signature Tote, Nordstrom $164
Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent "Tribtoo" Platform Pump via NR, $80/$795

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