Burberry Travel & Label Misinterpretation

Labels are a funny thing, they define price points and depth of quality in a garment and they can be very difficult to interpret at times.  This was definitely the case when I purchase the dress above.  I was shopping at a consignment store here in Boulder and spotted the distinctive blue/cream plaid design that is known so well in Burberry clothing.  I looked at the tag and thought, "Well that's strange, it's not a typical Burberry label," but it fit well and I liked the dress very much. 

I didn't purchase this dress the first time I saw it however.  I put it on hold to think about the versatility of it in my closet.  I was still thinking about it the next day, I still didn't pick it up though.  The day after that I stopped in the store again to see if it was still there, it was!  I made the purchase and after reading more closely 'Burberry Travel' turned out to be 'Burning Torch' another high end brand that makes quality clothing.  Whatever the brand though, I was certain I was buying something I would wear throughout the spring and summer to come and this made it a worthwhile purchase.

Dress: Burning Torch via Rags, $58
Shirt: Gap Pure Body Long Sleeve-T on sale now $13
Polka Dotted Scarf: Rags, $10
Earrings: Vintage from my attic
Shoes: Vera Wang Lavender 'Luna' Ballet Flats via Nordstrom Rack, $55/$295 (order a half size up, these run small)
Polish:  O.P.I. Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous (dark blue) & I Don't Give a Rotterdam (light blue)

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