Friday Fantasy #13 - Marchesa

Well as you can see I missed Friday by a couple of days.  I didn't want to wait until next Friday however to share this with you, because it is, to those who wholeheartedly celebrate Valentine's Day, a very Valentine's dress.  I found this dress mashed in a sea of other clearance dresses at Nordstrom rack last Fall.  When I tried this dress on it fit perfectly.  The price then was somewhere around $240 which gave me pause, but it was Marchesa!  What are the odds of that happening?  With me, probably the same kind of odds that occur when I find a Millly skirt like this in my size or never worn vintage Ferragamo's.  Very lucky, yes I know and that is why persistence pays of in the quest for gems like the one above. 

A note on fit and ease:  This dress fits true to size and I am wearing a size 6 here.  There is not a lot of walking length her however, you will be taking smaller steps to get to where you need to go which is one of the drawbacks to this dress.  Overall though it's beautiful.  The ruffle has an amazing ability to spring back to life when it is steamed out.  I puffed up the shoulder ruffle, but in pictures it is a bit flatter at the shoulder.  See link below.

Scarf:  Modcloth last year, $18
Wristlet: Lilli in Boulder. CO, $10
Shoes: Nine West 'Msknoitall' via Nordstrom Rack, $31 similar here
Earring: Urban Outfitters, $5

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