Fantasy Friday #15 - Lace Dress

Lace and pastels are a Spring trend that is appearing for 2013, so I thought I would pull out this gem to show you how all things come back into fashion.  Lace can be a tricky fabric to wear from head to toe and not look overdone or cheap.  It is very important to look at the quality and appearance of the lace that you intend to buy, to see if it will stand up to the test.  I believe this skirt and top combo work very well together, but could also be worn separately paired with a cream button down silk blouse or the top could be worn with jeans.  Again, since lace is such a focal point on its own you do not need a lot of accessories to dress it up.  It is on its own simply beautiful, without any additions.  Do you have any spring trends you can fulfill with the existing items in your closet.  What are they?
Vintage 60's Lace Dress: Young House by Rodia from Oberlan's of Charleston via Etsy, $68
Vintage Wood Bead Handbag: Goldmine Vintage $24
Shoes: Via Spiga 'Pamela' Anthracite Sandal via Nordstrom Rack, $54/$250
Earrings: Nordtrom Rack $10

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