Black on Black + Polka Dots

When: Wednesday, April 24th, because it was slightly less frigid than the day before.  See Tuesdays pictures.

I wasn't actually going to post these pictures today.  They really weren't enough.  Not really exciting or novel or inventive.  I posted today however, because of those exact reasons.  I am working at being less of a perfectionist, and it's hard to break the habits which have spanned most of your life since maybe age 10.  I'm working on it though.  

Oddly, when I threw this outfit together yesterday morning, when I had no time, I thought to myself, "This worked out well!" and I went on my way feeling pretty clever.  The pictures however don't convey the full awesomeness of the outfit.   Black and white is really a simple and very classic look if put together correctly. And some days that's what you need when your brain can't function, like mine did yesterday.  What do you wear on days you start putting items on backwards?

Skirt: James Perse Long Jersey Skirt via Nordstrom Rack, $20 similar here
Sweater: Remain Polka Dot Sweater via Nordstrom Rack, $24/$88
Shoes: Vintage 80's Oscar de la Renta via Etsy, $30
Handbag: Coach Alex Sateen Signature Tote via Nordstrom, $168/$380

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