Simple Shades of Blue

This is usually how dog training goes in our house.  Our super sweet Samoyed knows what to do, but she just won't do it, if she doesn't feel it benefits her.  She's too cute to get mad at, so we live with her idiosyncrasies.  It's not too bad really, the worst she does is sleep on the couch when you're not looking.

As for the simple outfit above, I think it is a great way to throw on as few things as possible and look very polished.  Button down shirt, jeans, high heels and simple jewelry make everything come together.  And, it's tres comfortable, so what more is there to say?!

Shirt: ESPRIT (2011), $25
Jeans: Guess Starlet in Noisy Wash, $62
Wedge Heels:  Franco Sarto via Nordstrom Rack, $36
Ring: ESPRIT, $7  

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