Fall 2013 Pantone - Acai

When: Monday, June 24th.  I'm behind, but what's new?

Brace yourselves, deep purple, or as the pantone police have dubbed it, Acai, is one of the big fashionable colors for Fall 2013.  I know, this might be traumatic for you, and for myself, since your having flashbacks to high school when purple seemed to rule every girls wardrobe.  I'm certain I have brought you to a place you now want to run screaming from, but don't.  Acai really does work in small doses and with several other colors, as you can see above.  Pinks or cream and even black work well depending on how bold you want to go with this statement color.

On a side note, this Coach Willis handbag is truly purple, however when I saw it and drooled over it in the store, it looked more black to me.  I could be becoming color blind, but I think the handbag takes on its own depth depending on what colors you wear with it.  I definitely hope this clears up that traumatic issue you had with purple!  Hope you have a great Monday!

Jeans: BDG via Urban Outfitters, $20/$58
Tee Shirt: ESPRIT, $3/$20
Jean Jacket: Gap via Ebay, $14
Silk Scarf: Meow Meow, $20
Shoes: Mui Mui Leather Flower Ballet Flats, gift
Handbag:  Coach Legacy Archival Two Tone Leather Willis, $228/$328

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