The Weekend

When: Saturday, July 13th at the Denver Design Incubator where great fashion minds go to work.

I adore these three colors together as you can see me wearing them here as well.  So, it's no surprise I try to coordinate hot pink, navy blue and white on a regular basis.  I may get tired of these colors at some point, sort of like that peanut butter and jelly sandwich phase you went through as a child for about 6 months.  Then it's on to the next new thing.  I am  hopeful for the new next things in life, as the old and tired things aren't working at the moment.  I'll let you know how that goes, in the meantime, happy Monday! 

Shirt: J. Crew, Perfect Fit Button Tee in Neon Azalea, $18/$32
Shorts: J. Crew Blue Striped Linen Short, $28/$65
Shoes: Vera Wang via Nordstrom Rack, $54/$130
Earrings: Ralph Lauren via Nordstrom Rack, $10/$30
Necklace: Self made with my Mom at The Crazy Merchant, $19
Bracelets: Target last year, $10
Handbag: Coach, gift

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