Shoe Love

When: Just before Christmas, when we were lucky enough to have sunshine galore and a little heat.

When you find a shoe that for some magical reason fits your foot like it was made specifically for you, the question arises, "Why can't all shoes be this comfortable?"  This was the case when I tried these Tory Burch Marianne Cheetah pumps on at Nordstrom Rack the day after Thanksgiving.  I fell in love with them for their comfort and the fact that you can't tell they have a platform in them, which makes them that much easier to wear if you don't like high high heels.  The sad thing was that the heel of the shoe kept sliding off when I walked.  I ended up returning them, and after measuring how much of a gap there was between my heel and the back of the shoe I determined I would have to go down half a size. Nordstrom Rack did not have them in a 6 1/2, so I did what all good style hunters do, track them down through modern technology and Ebay of course.  Now if only I could make all of the heels in my closet this comfortable we would be set, happiness for my feet.  Are there any shoes that fit you perfectly?  What are they and why?

Jacket: Lucky Brand Fur Collar Air Bomber Jacket via Nordstrom Rack $38/$100
Shirt: Tory Burch Alexandra Silk Blouse via NR, $40/$225 (size up 2-3 sizes for a loose fit like mine)
Jeans:  Imogene + Willie "Jesse", $150/$225
Heels: Tory Burch "Marianne" Cheetah via Ebay, $99/$350

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