When: Last Friday, as this sweatshirt was calling my name and the color was just too perfect.

This one is for my dearest friend Erin, who I believe has a secret penchant for long slouchy sweatshirts paired with leggings or skinny jeans.  And guess what, this is not a women's sweatshirt, it was found hidden in the men's section lost and forlorn waiting for someone to cuddle.  The inside of the EP sweatshirt is so soft it's as if your sleeping with a samoyed.  

The great thing about men's sweatshirts is that they are straight, which means you don't get that poofy horrendousness that normally comes with large heavy jersey items.  So next time the guy drags you off to the mall to shop, because this happens all the time,  start browsing for yourself.  You never know what might work. 

Sweatshirt: ELEVENPARIS via Nordstrom Rack (Men's) $20/$79
Jeans: Hudson Collin Crop Skinny Jean Supernova via NR, $60/$172
Clogs: Dr. Scholls Classic Sandal, Macy's a loooooong time ago, $40/$64
Handbag: Kate Spade Treesh now "Harrison", $120/$250
Hoop Earrings: NR $10

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