Happy Valentine's Day to You and Only You

Still trying to find a unique Valentine's Day card? Find a few ofthem in Boulder at BlissMeow Meow and at Urban Outfitters.

Who doesn't love a "Love" ring?  Find at Meow Meow on The Hill in Boulder, CO $6.

Visit any Vitamin Cottage to find these dairy free, gluten free treats for those hard to please foodies. The Pink Peppermint & Chocolate Chip cookie sammie is the best.

 Lovely day out? Take a stroll up Lovers' Hill for the view. Directions here to walk up Lovers' Hill off of Bluff Street or take the next street up, Mesa to start from the top.

Happy Valentine's Day!  Do whatever makes you happiest! XOXO, Kristen. 

 At the top of Lovers' Hill, my favorite spot!


  1. Cute cookies and postcards :) M&MFASHIONBITES mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr

  2. Maria & Marina, thanks so much for stopping by from Greece! The cookies are as good as they look! You have great colorful photos and I love that cupcake cup!


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