Rent The Runway Moment - Our Runway

So excited to see that Rent The Runway is doing such a great job of promoting the "real" women that don their dresses.  I thought I would browse through their "Our Runway" page and lo and behold there I was wearing the Moschino Cheap & Chic Yellow Rose Bodice Dress that I selected for my friends wedding as a bridesmaid.  The selection you see is based on the measurements you are so that you can choose which dress looks best on your body type.  I'm short at 5'4", so seeing the dress I picked  out before I decided to rent it would have been great, since things fall a little differently on us non-models.  All in all it was a relief to get a great looking dress at a fraction of the cost and it won't sit in my closet, which has absolutely no room, and collect dust for years.   Head on over and see what they have for your body type!

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