Friday Fantasy #9

When I was younger I absolutely loved to wear dresses ALL-THE-TIME, which also included wearing them in winter when it was just too cold.  My mother however allowed this IF I wore pants underneath the dress.  Not only pants, but usually plaid ones at that.  So this is my 'winter' dressing up of this dress that I bought at Nordstrom Rack for $9, minus the ostrich feathers, which I actually added to it to give the dress a little more sophistication.  It was after all a juniors sized dress, but I feel in love with the stripes of course.

Shoes w/Jeans: Yves Saint Laurent Tribtoo Platform Pump, Nordstrom Rack $80/$795
Shoes w/Dress: Kate Spade via Ebay, $40
Jeans: Guess  Guess Starlet in Noisy Wash, $89
Bracelet: Vintage store in Ouray, $16
Earrings: Vintage
Wristlet: Coach sequined special occasion wristlet, $60

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