Riding again...

Here's a fun one for you:
I've worn each of these items before on Sparkle Style Shine!, do you know where they are?  See if you can find them!  Wearing something more than once does not lessen the worth or specialness of your clothing.  In fact it makes it that much more valuable, to be able to select something in your closet that you know you can wear over again the same way or by mixing it up a little.  Again we talk about CPW - Cost Per Wear.  It is an important decision to consider when purchasing clothing or shoes for that matter.  How many times will you be able to work an item into your wardrobe and feel that it is versatile enough to create a few more outfit possibilities for you?   Off the top of your head if you can create that magical 3 outfits with you existing clothes an the new, you've got a winner.  Now get to it!

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