Golden Chains

Kimchi Blue vs J. Crew
I was out shopping with one of my girlfriends as I like to do so often and she asked me to find her a pair of flats - for under $20.  My mouth about dropped and hit the floor, but I took on the challenge because that is what I enjoy doing so much.  I started to tell her about the benefits of buying higher priced shoes that were of better quality, however she would hear nothing of it.  So I did find her some Kimchi Blue flats in Urban Outfitters on sale for $10.  She put them on right away and starting walking through the mall with me and commented that they seemed a little flat without any support.  I piped back, "Well they are UO shoes."  We happened to stop in J. Crew and were browsing the sale section, when I happened upon the Nora Vintage Blush Flats you see above.  "Try these on." I said.  She did and exhaled "Ohh these are sooooooo comfortable."  I told her, "Yes, that is the difference between $10 and $100 shoes."  I then popped up to the register and bought them.  My friend still had sticker shock written all over her face, but I had new gorgeous ballet flats that will be classic and last a very long time.  Lesson learned - only buy top quality shoes for your feet, they will thank you.
Shirt: Pink Striped Button Down - Gap (old) $20
Jeans: Guess Starlet Noisy Wash Jeans $89
Bracelets: J. Crew $7/$14/$20
Handbag: Milly Victoria Cross-body Gold Chain Flap Handbag $135
Shoes: J. Crew Nora Vintage Blush Flats $99

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