No Boots About It!

Did you vote today?  I did and I got up early to do it to beat the lines.  I also voted to buy these black riding boots on Ebay because I had been unsuccessfully looking for a pair for some time and couldn't find anything I loved.  So I  though, why don't I just buy a different color of what I already own?  The saying goes "purchase them in every color" when you find something that works for you is true about these boots.  They are the most comfortable low heeled boots I have ever worn and have ample room in the toe area for your feet to feel as if you have no shoes on.  This is definitely a win-win!  Even the puppy thinks so.

Riding Jacket: Halogen via Nordstrom Rack $20
T-Shirt & Wool Scarf: Common Threads Boulder $15 & $24
Hair Scarf: Vintage Oscar de la Renta via Estate Sale $3
Jeans: Guess Starlet Noisy Wash Jeans $89
Boots: Via Spiga Christie in Black via Ebay $99
Handbag: Milly via Nordstrom Rack $135
Earrings: Vintage

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