Do you ever have those days where you just get a feeling that there is something special waiting inside a particular vintage or secondhand store for you?  I do, and usually it pays off such as the day I found these Salvatore Ferragamo heels in Goldmine Vintage on Pearl St. in Boulder, CO, which had never been worn for $28.  They were a 7.5 and looked a tad narrow, which they were - AAAA.  I tried them on and they fit lengthwise, but were a little tight across the crease.  Leather is however a wonderful living material because it stretches and is quite malleable.  So, I chose to have them stretched at Perry's Shoe Shop because they are the best at dealing with leather products and shoes.  In addition to stretching the front of these lovely pumps I also had the dry rotted heels replaced.  Older shoes often fall victim to the dry weather in arid climates and it's best to replace them with new heels when you buy a vintage pair of shoes.  I am looking forward to getting these back from Perry's in about two weeks.  So take a look in vintage stores around you, if the price is right don't let a few minor issues, that can be corrected, prevent you from your dream shoes.  Happy shopping!

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