Friday Fantasy #12 - Crocheted Dress

I have to say this hand crocheted dress is by far one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever received.  Two months and 500 hours later this dress was completed by my step-mom who shares my love of fashion as much as I do.  You see her standing to my left in one of her other creations that took only two weeks to make.  She is one talented woman don't you think?  To me this dress is worth far more than any of the high end brands I have in my closet, hands down.

Crocheted Dress: Handmade
Sequined Tank: Similar, $20 at Violette in Boulder, CO
Silk Dress Shirt: Esprit, $24
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini "Merryann" Pumps via Nordstrom Rack $38

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