Pink Swan

When: Last Thursday, on a rainy morning & by evening a stream of water was all that was left.

Some days the weather decides at the last minute to change suddenly.  This was the case last week and I decided well, lets just go with it.  I have to say when it rains I look for something more colorful than grey and that means I most often grab an item of clothing or accessory with a (and I hate to say this) 'pop of color'.  The addition of color generally makes me happier when I look at it, for some odd reason which I cannot explain.  I also make sure I have a handbag with me that can stand getting wet, say canvas or cotton, not leather.  I aim for one that zips up since it works best at keeping those cute shoes tucked away in the handbag dry, for when you arrive at work.  What ways do you stay dry on rainy days?

Boots: Hunter Tall Gloss Rain Boot in Fuchsia Pink via Nordstrom Rack $80/$135
Jeans: Guess 'Starlet' Noisy Wash, $62/$89
Swan Sweater: Urban Outfitters (last year) $20/$90
Bracelet: J. Crew $18

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