Simple Weekend Wear + Bakelite

When: Weekend picnics or other events that require more than shorts and a tank top.

I hope you're looking forward to the weekend ahead, I know I am, mainly for sleeping purposes and reconnecting with people I haven't been able to over the past week.  It's nice to have time to relax and let the creative side of your brain run amok or in my case browse through vintage stores for ideas galore.  On one of my forays about Pearl St., in Boulder, I found a consignment jewelry shop called Classic Facets and I fell in love with a large polka dotted Bakelite bracelet that you see above.  My mom had given me a butterscotch Bakelite bracelet exactly like this one and told me under no uncertain terms was I to give it away or throw it out.  Why you ask?  Bakelite which was used in the 1920's to make inexpensive jewelry and household items such as radios is quite collectible due to the fact it cannot be made any longer since one of it's properties is Formaldehyde.  A link to some history on Bakelite is here, and if you are ever at an old persons garage sale and find something like this for cheap it's a great investment.  Happy hunting!

Top: J. Crew (old)
Shorts: J. Crew Chino Short in Edinburgh Stone, $33/$45
Bracelets: Vintage Dot Bakelite, a bunch of $$, since they are so in demand especially with dots
Shoes: Valentino Rockstud Flats via Nordstrom Rack, $170/$595
Handbag: Milly Mini Nappa Handbag via Nordstrom Rack, $82/$395

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