A Red Dress

When:  On an expectedly hot day in July...which it was.

There are two things I love about this outfit, it primarily consists of two pieces, shoes and a dress and it's so easy to throw on when you can't think of what to wear.  No thinking about what to put with the top or bottom because it's a complete package.  I am also in love with these vintage Fanfares I found on Etsy a while back.  They have a sort of simple hard rock elegance to them with the gold studs, and yet the camel color works so well with so many things.  

A note on buying vintage shoes; they must be leather or wood and not contain plastic of any kind.  Plastic over time does not fare well, it breaks and cracks and will disintegrate in front of your eyes.  Just don't do it no mater how cute the shoes are.  And lastly, once you buy a new vintage shoe, have the heel tips replaced before you wear them.  This will save you from them also falling to pieces as you walk down the street.  Happy Friday!      

Dress:  Loco Lindo $50 after I won a $100 gift card to Violette in Boulder, similar here
Bracelet: J. Crew $20
Necklace: 'Trinity' Cartier, gift
Earrings:  Nordstrom Rack, $14
Sunglasses: Kate Spade 'Albertine' via Nordstrom Rack, $60/$120
Flats: Mia 'Preta' flats via Nordstrom Rack, $20
Heels: Vintage Fanfares via Etsy, $28

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