Neon + Kitten Heels

When: Last week when it actually threatened to turn to fall, how dare mother nature do that to us!

See, I wasn't kidding when I said I have been wearing white jeans constantly, because they are so perfect for summer.  This is especially true when it's hot out, since white reflects heat, black not so much, as I am sure you have found out.  So can we just talk about shoes for a minute...the low kitten heel style is popping back up again, mainly due to the fact everyone's feet are hurting so much from all those 3 inch heels, I believe.  The great thing about this is lower heels give you just enough height that it elevates the the line and length of your body.  This is a good thing, but there is always a place for flats and for me it's because I ride my bike each morning to work.  How do you get around the transportation to work issue or elsewhere with you selection of shoes?  Let me know!

Jean Jacket: Gap (old), $20
Sweater: J Crew, $20/
Jeans: J Brand 7/8th Inch, via Nordstrom Rack, $30/$174
Shoes: Pelle Moda "Fabia" kitten heels, via Nordstrom Rack, $70/$180
Flops: Coach via Rags Consignment, $20
Handbag: Coach via Nordstroms, $168/$325

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