Kate Spade Stripes

When: Wednesday, because you have to dress up to make your co-workers nervous some days.

How to Shop for Designer Clothing
My main goal has always been to find higher end clothing that is comfortable and inexpensive at the same time.  This is a challenge to say the least, but it can be accomplished I promise you.  One of the key things to keep in mind when you look for that amazing deal is to let go of the outcome.  I know this sounds crazy, however if you have your expectations set high you will most likely come away with nothing.  On they days that I pop into Nordstrom Rack because I have the time, or I only have 20 minutes I go directly to the clearance section for dresses.  That is where out of a hundred dresses I zoned in on the one above.  Knowing how to spot a quality item in a sea of less than's develops over time, but can be learned.  The best tip I can give you though is browse often and at the end of the evening, as this is when especially shoes get restocked, at least at Nordstrom Rack.  My last and final tip, never ever shop during the day on the weekend, it's just too busy.  If you have to, try a Friday night, no one is usually in the store.  Happy shopping this weekend.  

Dress: Kate Spade Striped 'Carolyn' Dress via Nordstrom Rack, $51/$478
Shoes: Kate Spade Isabel Sandal via NR, $80/$328
Corduroy Jacket: Halogen via NR, $20
Necklace: Michael Kors via NR, $16/$50
Earrings: Meow Meow Boutique, $10
Handbag: Coach Alex Sateen Tote via Nordstroms, $168/$358

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