Boulder Flash Flooding

When: Tuesday Sept. 10th.   Seattle weather decided to visit and no offense Seattle, but you can have your weather back now.

I can't express how dismayed I am at the current weather forecast for Boulder, dreary, rainy and just plain miserable for the next couple of days (I haven't posted since then because that rain turned into flash flooding and it just now looks like it's clearing up).  The first picture above was taken Tuesday, the next picture was taken Thursday which shows the flooding that occurred.

I digress though, I occasionally yearn for a rainy day to wear one of the many pairs of rain boots I own, but this is a little much.  So, I bring you a little cheer with this find I made at Nordstrom Rack this past week.  A Milly Adriana Sequin Jacket for $159 normally $410.  You know how I am drawn to sequins like a bee is to flowers, so it's no surprise this stood out among the not so sparkly options.  Putting it on was divine and the inside layer felt as if it were a cozy sweater, yet the outside was sophisticated and slightly edgy.

I also found this blazer at a consignment store for $23, it fit perfectly.  The one thing I wasn't thrilled about were the dated same color buttons.  So after looking through all the crappy options at Jo-Ann's I found these maritime inspired buttons made in France and called it done.  I think they bring a little  

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