Miu Miu Crystals

When: In between fall and summer, it's still sandal weather if it hasn't rained or snowed yet.

Spend More, Make More
The minute I saw these Miu Miu sandals, adorned with huge crystals starring at me, I immediately grabbed them.  My first intention was to sell them, but the more I looked at them and tried them on the more they grew on me.  When I finally caved in and decided that they needed to be worn and I wasn't selling them, I don't think I took them off for 3 days.  I'm glad I decided to keep the  sandals as they really will never go out of style, at least not for the rhinestone hoarder that I am, they won't.  

Lets talk about value, these sandals retail for $695, they are selling for at least $399 on Ebay and because I paid $199 for them I have two choices.  One, I could sell them, if say they did not fit, for about $400 which is double my purchase price and the lowest you should resell an item for on Ebay.  Two, I could keep them knowing I only paid a third of the original retail price.  Sometimes you have to spend more to make more, but the return on investment is greater.  Just some food for thought when you are considering buying and selling fashion!

Jeans: BDG at Urban Outfitters, $20/$54
Top: J. Crew Sequin 3/4 sleeve top via Ebay, $30/$88
Sandals: Miu Miu Crystal Flat Silver Sandal, $199/$695
Bracelet: Vintage Expandable Rhinestone Bracelet $20, similar
Puppy: Tia the Samoyed

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