Black & Gold Go Buffs!

When: Last weekend when my alma mater CU was playing football, even though I didn't go to the game.

Unfortunately I was a day late in putting this outfit together but I was no less enthusiastic about my accomplishment in doing so.  I think most people, when they dress for a game, throw on a shirt or top with the logo of their favorite team emblazoned on the front and call it done.  I think you can do better though and with the example above I know this is true.  One of my favorite details on clothing are stripes, because they are an easy item to find with different color variations in them such as team colors.  How do you show your team spirit?  Logo or no go?  Let me know!

Shoes: Report Metal Bar Sandals via Nordstrom Rack, $22/$70
Lace Shorts: Hinge via NR $11
Top: Vince Camuto via NR,$30/ $90
Handbag: Milly 'Victoria' Crossbody via NR, $130/ $435

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