Sequined Skirt + J.Crew

When: Monday, because you have to start the week with a spoonful of sparkle!

I have to tell you, some days I have no idea what I will be wearing until I sift through my tiny packed closet and spot something that resonates with my mood for that day.  Sometimes the dresses win out, this usually happens when it's too hot or at the beginning of Fall when the dresses days are numbered.  Other weeks it's all about the jeans white, black, skinny, crop, boyfriend you name it, if it's comfortable and I can dress it up, I wear it.  Then there are the days in which you need extra sparkle to lift your spirits, so every time you see that glimmer from the sun hitting the sequins you smile.  Well, that was this Monday.  Hope your having a sparkly week!

Shirt: J. Crew, $40/$68
Sequin Skirt: J. Crew (2007) via consignment & brand new with the tags still on it, $44/$188
Shoes: Kate Spade "Lisa" Polka Dot Pumps via Nordstrom Rack, $170/$325
Necklace: Urban Outfitters, $10/$20
Bracelet: J. Crew, $20

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