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When: Last Monday, because it was just time after all the work I had put into this dress to wear it!

Vintage items can be tricky when it comes to alterations.  Sometimes you think "Oh this won't take that long to modify."  And then a week turns into a month of alterations, and pleats are added which really aren't your forte.  You swear that this is going to be the greatest alteration you have done so far and then you decide to just get er' done and call it finished, even though it could use a little nip at the waist.  I say this because no matter how many times you find that perfect vintage piece, there is always something that is going to need a little work and you have to decide how much time you're willing to dedicate to the piece to make it worth your while.  This dress was worth my time because I feel in love with the print, so I stuck with it and I'm so glad I did.

Dress: Vintage via Goldmine Vintage, $30
Blazer: Ann Taylor via Common Threads, $24 (I replaced the buttons myself!)
Flats: Valentino via Nordstrom Rack, $170/$695
Heels: Gucci via Rags Consignment, $70
Bracelet: J. Crew, $20
Necklace: Kate Spade Mod Squad, $50


  1. Love the fringe on this dress! That is a great color on you! & Thanks for stopping by Patti Cake too! I know- I do not like my winter wardrobe a fraction as much as I like my summer one!


    1. Chelsey,
      Thanks so much. I know the fringe won me over when I found this dress in the vintage store:) Thanks.again.


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