Rust + Fall

When:  In my dreams of fall returning, as it did before Thanksgiving, so I can wear open toe shoes again.

Hello from the depths of freezing temperatures and bitter cold.  Today I though a bit of sunshine and flowing tops would do us all some good.  Okay, maybe just me.  I shudder to think that Spring is still four months away.  I'm holding onto Fall right now with what I feel like are true fall colors.  Rust has to be one of my favorites, but also one of the most difficult to pair with other colors.  Black is a little too harsh, light grey can look a little too drab, and any hue of red or orange will just make it look like you were slightly misguided by an ever enthusiastic sales person who had monochromatic in their mind.  Cream or white balance out the intensity of rust so well you really can't go wrong.  Test out whether rust, cream or white looks best near your face, this will be the color you wear nearest to it.  The alternating color should be worn on the bottom.  Are there any colors you find particularly hard to pair with other?  What are they?

Stay tuned as later this week as I will be partnering with Refinery29 & Maybelline to reveal just for you, three of the 20 New Color Elixirs by Maybelline.

Top: Willow & Clay via Off Saks 5th Ave, $40
Pants: ESPRIT, $30
Heels: Banana Republic via consignment, $24
Earrings: Ralph Lauren via Nordstrom Rack, $10

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