Imogene + Willie

When: Last Thursday, before rushing off to a snowy ski vacation in Steamboat Springs.

There are two things that get me through the winter mainly, skinny jeans to bury in those tall winter boots and coffee so that I can stay awake during the darkness that hits so early.  In November I visited a new boutique in Boulder named Cedar & Hyde, which is staffed by two amazing sisters Poss & Christie and a very helpful and handsome Cody.  It is here that I after some hesitation purchased my first pair of Imogene + Willie jeans, two sizes smaller than my usual waist size.  I know what you're thinking, "Why in the world would you stuff yourself into a pair of jeans if no one else can see the tag?"  Because my darlings, these jeans are different and wonderful.  These are jeans that mold to your every curve and hold everything in the right place once they have been worn in.  Worn in you ask?  After spending two full days wearing the "Imogene" jeans and sitting at a desk for most of it, they finally fit comfortably and I didn't feel as if I had eaten one too many servings of gluten free stuffing at Thanksgiving.  So, as you go about your shopping adventures, remember that sometimes different opens up a whole new world of opportunity to experience greatness in jeans, which is so hard to find.

Visit Cedar & Hyde on Pearl Street & 10th in Boulder, CO and you won't be disappointed by either the clothes or the stories behind them.

Coat: ESPRIT (old) $50
Blazer: Ann Taylor via Common Threads (with new buttons!) $24
Embellished Tee: J. Crew via Ebay $29
Jeans: Imogene + Willie 'Jesse,' $150/$225 (these are now called 'Lucy')
Boots: Via Spiga via Ebay, $90/$250
Handbag: Milly Victoria via Nordstrom Rack, $131/$425

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