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There are only 17 days left until Spring, which I can definitely go for right about now. I'm ready for flowers to start popping their colorful heads out and absolutely no snow in the forecast for months on end.  I've been told I should really move to a less seasonal state, but it's the 300 days of sun that keep me here in CO.    

Let's talk about these Hunter Brit boots though.  Most people would shy away from them due to the fact they're graphic, not plain in any way and well, a bold statement.  So, when you get over all that and realize that their base color is navy blue, which matches with just about every jean you have, you should be ecstatic.  But wait, the red and white also mean you can wear these with a myriad or other neutral colors such as carmel, white, black, grey and say a good darker brown leather jacket.  So next time you find a deal like I did on these, don't hesitate on questioning what you will wear with something that is out of you comfort zone.  Take the leap or email me!

By the way next weekend marks one of my favorite events; Daylight Saving Time, hallelujah.  I can't tell you how much I look forward to more sun in my life for longer.

Shirt: ESPRIT (old) $25
Jeans: Imogene + Willie 'Jesse', $150/$220
Boots: Hunter Brit Boots via Weekends, $50/$195 (size down one from you normal size)
Bracelet: Ten20 Salon, $10


  1. OhMyGawsh! These Hunters are PERFECT! I want to get some and hop over to England and run around the fens and mires and such in them!
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    1. Thanks so much Signe! I have no idea what fens and mires are, but I would love to visit England to with those boots. If you go let me know how it is!


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