Repetition + Black & White

When: Last week when I drove to work instead of biking.  You try to get on a bike in a pencil dress.

Does this jacket look familiar?  It is and since its been such a long while in between posts of fashionable outfits you don't have to scroll too far down to see this lovely Rag & Bone Timeless blazer again.   In fact I have worn this versatile jacket numerous times over the past month & I'll share a few of them later this week with you.

Repetition of key items in your wardrobe is essential to the sustainability of your bank account.  And for this reason alone you should select your purchases with care, by vetting the comfort and quality of the items you are interviewing, for their place next to those other fantastically curated pieces you've bought.  There is nothing worse than clothing that looks great in the store and then falls apart a few wears later, as fast fashion does.  This may mean saving a bit before you buy that quality piece, but trust me you will be able to depend on it for years to come and enjoy it as well.

What?!  You say you have some things that have slipped into you closet because your super artistic self wasn't being rational or pragmatic about what you needed?!  Who says bright orange won't come back into fashion again anyway?  We needed that LANVIN romper, it was so comfortable and it was on sale!  You know the feeling.  So keep these question in mind next time the urge to buy something new and on sale washes over you; Is this comfortable?  Can I wear this with several other pieces in my closet?  Is this something I have been searching for?  If you've said "yes" to these questions, go ahead I give you permission to hand over your hard earned cash!

Jacket: Rag & Bone Timeless Blazer via Weekends, $220/$595 similar here & here with perforation
Dress: Soprano via Nordstrom Rack $24/48
Slip: Joie via NR $46/$256
Shoes: AGL Patent Pumps via NR $54/$310
Necklace:  UO $10 (old)
Earrings: Nordstrom Rack $10

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