LANVIN + Hanger vs Human

When: Almost a month ago, when it wasn't snowing.  My how time flies.

Hanger versus Human

I wanted to share this LANVIN romper with you to emphasize the importance of looking beyond the hanger.  Hangers really don't do justice to some of the most beautiful pieces of clothing, as you can see above.  Normally you'd see a huge mess of orange and whip right by it while shopping.  I however have the opposite attraction to ugly things on hangers.  I make a point of trying on what looks like the next  disaster of the century because, well, it might turn out to be the most comfortable, luxurious and amazing piece of work in my closet yet as this one did. 

There is no harm in trying clothing on really, trust me on this.  The worst that can happen is that the item looks or fits horribly, you push judgement of yourself aside and put it in the reject pile.  Brands fit differently and may work well for one body type, but not another.  Allowing yourself to be less critical of the outcome when trying clothing on can make finding something you love that much easier.  That and if you laugh when you find something that just looks ridiculous.  Sales people will wonder what on earth you're doing in that tiny room and only you will know the truth.  Keep them guessing!

Romper: LANVIN via Nordstrom Rack, $119/$1475
Necklace: Kenneth Cole via NR, $14
Shoes: AGL via NR, $46/$320
Handbag: Milly "Victoria" via NR, $131/$425

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