Summer Slip

When:  Yesterday, when it was the perfect mix of warm and breezy out and perfect for this outfit!

Happy Friday!  If there is one thing I love about summer it's the fact that I can wear dresses pretty much every day of the week.  This after a long cold winter and what I like to call "Pants Season."  It's okay for the first few months, but then you start to wonder if the day in day out requirement for pants will ever end.  Thankfully it does, but not without its risks.

You've seen it frequently during the bright summer months or maybe you've made the mistake yourself, the dreadful see-through fabric that leaves absolutely nothing to the imagination.  It happens unfortunately to the best of us, however there are ways to avoid this mishap.  The weight of a fabric has a lot to do with the amount of light that is able to seep through it, so look for a tightly woven or heavier fabric.  Second, if there is a window nearby hold your hand beneath the fabric & up to the window, don't worry you won't look crazy.  If you can see through the fabric you have two options, leave it or find a nude slip to wear underneath the dress.  One good slip is worth gold.  Find one you love and you will never feel as if you need to worry again.  At least not until it's pants season again.

Dress: Tommy Bahama Scoop Neck Tea Dress via Nordstrom Rack, $29/$94
Jacket: Milly Adriana Sequin Jacket, NR $160/$209 (Size up - I'm wearing an 8)
Shoes: MICAHEL Michael Kors 'Hamilton' Sandal, NR $44/$98
Crossbody Handbag: Urban Outfitters (old), $10
Earrings: NR, $10
Bike: Men's Electra (2005) It keeps the skirts and dresses out of the wheels with that handy bar.


  1. am a big fan of Tommy Bahama and Urban Outfitters. Am surprised to see such a diverse range of places to shop for one outfit. Hopefully you will share more suggestions for guys on what to wear.

    1. Bob, yes there are so many great places to find outfit pieces in the Boulder area. I would love to branch out into including menswear in the blog. Do you have any favorite places to shop?


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