Silk Necessity

When:  Last week when it was pants weather.  Pants weather needs to end now, so dress season can commence.

Silk, I believe, has to be one of the most comfortable and luxurious fabrics around and it has an amazing amount of versatility within each season.  In the Summer months, which still haven't arrived here yet unfortunately, silk can be a lifesaver.  It has the ability to wick moisture away, which keeps you dry and well, not sweaty.  Also, if you've ever been wearing a long shirt on a hot day you know how uncomfortable it can get, however a solid silk shirt allows the summer breeze to blow right through and cool you off.  Or you could just go stand right smack in front of the air conditioner for about two seconds and you'll freeze over pretty well. I highly recommend Equipment Femme blouses and you can find them on sale frequently through Neimen Marcus Last Call or Hautelook

Silk works very well as a base layer in the winter months (gasp, we shall not speak of those).  This is one of the reasons you may find silk woven into winter layers, like these art deco ones by Neve Designs, since it is such a great heat conductor for skiing or other outdoor sports, if you like that kind of thing.  But the other thing that silk scarves do for you in the winter is save you from that bitter cold that whips around and smacks you in the face as if to say, "Summer is never coming, ha, ha, ha."  Summer must come soon, or I'll have to start piling on scarves on top of shirts to keep warm and it won't be pretty. 

Top: Joie Indra Silk Tunic, via Weekends Boulder, $75
Jeans: Guess Starlet, $68
Shoes: Modern Vintage via Ebay, $32
Necklace: Urban Outfitters (old), $10
Handbag: Milly "Vitoria" via Nordstrom Rack, $131


  1. I'm big on silk when skiing. As a guy, this is one of the two seasons I love silk. The other season being Beach season when Tommy Bahama shirts are super relaxing and so soft. Any suggestions for washing and keeping this stuff lasting longer?

    1. Bob,
      A good resource for you is here on how to care/wash silk: http://www.silkfabric.info/care-instructions/silk-care-instructions.html I usually just take mine to the dry cleaner because I have such bad lucking getting anything out on my own. Also, clothes last longer in general if you are not washing after every wear. Many things don't get dirty if you aren't in them all day long and hang them up promptly. Thanks for the question.

  2. Love the way this outfit was styled! It's very chic!

    1. Thanks Rachel! This is one of my favorite tops, which gets more wear than is actually seen here. Glad you stopped by! Btw I love the idea of your unfavorites on your blog!


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