Pop of Neon

When: During the rainy season, which apparently has been every afternoon in the month of June.

Happy "Friday" to you!  I hope most of you have tomorrow Independence Day off.  I do and I plan on sleeping in and not setting an alarm, so I can recover from this last week of getting up way too early.  I'm definitely not a morning person.

So lets talk about these beacons of sunny happiness on my feet.  They are first and foremost extremely comfortable, which is a bonus for hoofing it around town to do a million different errands.  Second, if you're pale these will at least make you look like you have somewhat of a tan.  Neon is interesting in the way that it gives your skin a little extra glow.  The science behind it is fascinating.  Third, you just can't go wrong with a wedge for stability.  The weight on your foot isn't solely on your heel or ball of foot in a wedge, it's evenly distributed which make for happier feet.  

How did I find these for only $48 you ask?  I walked into the J. Crew store and several of their display models were on sale.  Luckily the shoe fit perfectly and with an extra 50% off they were a reasonable price, because I also picked up these gold Nora ballet flats with the greatest pattern.  I have often found when shopping J. Crew the best deal are found in store, so take a look because July marks some super sales for clothing and shoes.  

Wedges: J. Crew "Seville" in Citrus Lime $48/$128 Size down 1/2 a size from your normal for these.
Jeans: UO Twig Grazer High Rise Crop $20/$60
Top: Joie Indra Tunic via Weekends (They're having a sale now so you should get on over there.)
Bracelet: J. Crew (old)
Handbag: Milly "Victoria"


  1. Have learned a lot about wedges from your blog. Thanks for the great ideas. It is definitely helping me understand women's fashion.

    1. So glad you have gained some wedge knowledge, Bob. Thanks!


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