Vintage Weekend Wear

When: On the weekend, when I wanted to get a little fancy & I was itching to wear this 'new' find.

Vintage Weekend Finds
Weekends are usually for relaxing and casual outfits, but sometimes a t-shirt and shorts is just a little boring.  It's at this point that the hunt ensues for something, anything in the closet that has a bit of personality.  After some searching I found this vintage metallic striped blouse that I managed to pluck from the depths of crazy shirt section of Goldmine Vintage not that long ago.  Amazingly this blouse is 100% cotton, even though I'm pretty certain it came out of the polyester era, because it's slightly scratchy.

That being said we next look to shoes for some elevation of an outfit, literally.  I love flats don't get me wrong, but the benefit of wearing a shoe with a little height lengths your legs and just makes you feel a bit more polished.  That is why I love these DV by Dolce Vita Sandals.  They are extremely comfortable and they have a bit of sparkle to them.  Any sandal that meets the 1-1 1/2 inch height will do though.

Vintage finds are wonderful!  They have a story of their own, yet they fit your life now and for what may come soon enough.  And it is with great care that someone else treasured your new find, so much  so that it was able to last throughout the years.  So treat it well and wash it gently, never ever on hot.  Happy hunting!

Metallic Shirt: Vintage via Goldmine Vintage, $19
Shorts: J. Crew Chino Short 3" in Maroon, Similare here, $35
Sandals: DV by Dolce Vita 'Zinc' via Nordstrom, $52/Now on sale $39

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