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When: Last week, mother nature couldn't decide between Spring and Fall so this is what happens.

To be completely honest I've been disappointed with Summer's performance this year, its been somewhat lackluster.  Skipping out on the days when the thermometer erroneously reads 120 degrees on my dashboard when in reality it's 99.  Yes, those days never arrived here this year and that my friends is why I continually default to jeans.  Sad as it is it's come to this.

Not all jeans are created equal and for that reason finding the right weight to wear in the summer can be a bit tricky.  It's a fine line between comfort, thickness and breathability.  Oddly no matter what kind of white jeans I have tried, all seam to be the perfect package for summer.  Looser fitting jeans, boyfriend or straight leg cropped can also work particularly well, if they aren't a normal weight jean.  Skinny jeans which are a medium weight may work in the summer, look for ones with a bit of stretch in them that breath.  All to soon we'll be back in them for another 6 months and then Summer will return again and hopefully get its act together.

Jeans: imogene + willie 'Lucy' in Slate, $50 (amazing sale)/$$195 
Top: J. Crew Merino Tipped Side Panel Sweater, $20/$89 go up a size for looseness
Shoes: Kate Spade Metro Wedge, via Nordstrom Rack, $99/$358
Scarf: Oscar de la Renta, via an Estate Sale, $3 (yes, 3 dollars!)
Earrings: NR, $15
Sunglasses: Kate Spade 'Albertine' via NR, $60/$120

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