Surf Stripe

When: Last week when I was feeling extra colorful.  Orange is such an underrated color you know.

When I bought this J. Crew Surf Stripe top, the second time I visited it in the store, I was intent on pairing it with a deep, orange, flowy maxi skirt that still has yet to be worn.  What I discovered though was that the teal color matched my Hudson Supernova jeans perfectly and the earrings I handmade from a broken jade leaf necklace, found at an antique store.  After matching the jeans and top together it seemed to still be missing a key piece.  The orange bubble necklace I had picked up for $5 with my friend a couple weekends ago made the puzzle complete.

Now you could say the coral shoes were overkill, however if you're going to go as far as I have already, why not?  Nude shoes, which would have worked, tend to make your feet disappear which looks odd.  I could have worn a black pair as well, but it would have looked a little to dark without toting around the handbag all day as a complimentary color  point.  All in all if you're going for a color statement stay within two main colors with a neutral base, such as the cream on the top here.  And one last item, if you love what you have created, own it and be proud of your color creation!

Top: J. Crew Surf Stripe, $25/$78
Jeans: Hudson Harkin Supernova Crop via Nordstrom Rack, $50/$180
Wedges: LK Bennett Maddox in Coral via NR, $325 similar lower heel here
Bracelet & Earrings: vintage
Bubble Necklace: Charming Charlies, $5/$20

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