When: A while ago, can't quite remember since Summer (if you can call it that) is passing to quickly.

Thankful the the week is coming to a close and the weekend means sleeping in, drinking coffee while in my pajamas and enjoying a hopefully warm day near the mountains.  There aren't any lessons to post today on how or what to wear what you wear.  With all the busyness that surrounds our daily lives it's nice to step back and acknowledge something you find joy in each day.  This can be anything really that makes you smile.  Look out the window in the car as a passenger and notice what is beautiful or has changed in some way.  It's amazing what you will see.

Here's my happy point!  The street before I arrive home has no traffic, I can hear the breeze as it rustles through the trees and the small stream trickling down its path.  I close my eyes and coast on my bike, down the middle of the street, until I feel the bump in the middle of the road and then I keep going, eyes closed feeling the sunshine on my face until I think I might run into someone.  It's the ultimate letting go point and it feels wonderful.  You should try it sometime:)  

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