Horse Heaven

Horse Heaven

Horse Heaven by sparklestyleshine featuring white tops

Horse Heaven Again!

If you follow the Facebook page you will know I had a slight crush on the navy Gallop Sweatshirt above. So much so that I regretted not buying two of them last September before they sold out at J.Crew.  The new version is the J.Crew Factory copy of the J.Crew original, which means that it is  a lower level of quality than J.Crew produces for its mainline store. That being said it is still on the top of my wish list for this Fall.  There are so many horse print items out now especially through J.Crew Factory and I love the detailed scallop horse print that was done on the Charley sweater above (right) as well. 

A note about buying J.Crew Factory clothing versus J.Crew, there is a difference in quality and fit.  Factory items tend to run small and straight, so going up a size is typically normal.  This means that shirts tend to be narrower around the hips if you wear them long, shorts and pants do not have as much give for curvier bodies either.  The quality of the Factory items allows for a lower price point, but if you are looking for J.Crew items to add as staples to you wardrobe look out for their frequent 30-40% off sales online and in the store.  You won't miss out!

P.S. I told you I loved the sweatshirt! I even wore it jeeping:)

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