A Perfect Fit - Polka Dots + Plaid

When: Last Friday, since Friday's are when my brain is most creative and I out dress this town.

Alterations - The Key to a Perfect Fit
If you follow my Instagram you may have seen a peek of this outfit on Friday, but if not you should jump over and view the bits that don't always end up here on the blog.  In any case glad you are here!

This particular Tory Burch dress appealed to me because of the details it incorporated; an intricate wavy woven plaid, a to die for silk lining, cool ocean toned colors & that fringe.  The only problem was it had been made for a person who had a much longer torso than I.  The straps on the dress were just too long and did not sit right on my shoulders, but everything else fit perfectly.  So before returning it to the rack I asked the tailor if it was possible to alter the strap length on the dress to fit me.  Yes, it turns out, it was possible.   

Not everything fits perfectly when you try it on, however strap length is one of the easier things to fix and can be done by a tailor or yourself if you're willing to take that risk.  Pants or jeans are another simple fix if they are too long, waist modification however are another story completely.  So remember, all you need to do is ask, and you may just get your wish to come true when it comes to finding your perfect fit. 

Dress: Tory Burch Evelin Plaid Woven Dress via Nordstrom Rack, $120/$995
Heels: Kate Spade 'Lisa' Polka Dot Pump via NR, $170/$358
Handbag: Kate Spade via NR $160/$450
Necklace: Large Sunflower Necklace via J. Crew, $20/$55
Bracelet: Etched Enamel Bracelet via J. Crew, $12/$30

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