Tie Dye + Tortoise

When: Last Monday, when I realized I'd better start wearing dresses before the weather says I can't.

I'll admit there is a lot going on here.  Tie dye, tortoise shell, golden accents and the combination of brown and black, which some people still are adament do not belong together.  It does come together though due to a base foundation of black.  Most anything goes with black in one respect or another, it's just finding a balance of how much, so as to not offset the other colors you are wearing.  Typically this would be a measure of thirds, 1/3 + 2/3 as the eye does not find things that are cut in half on the body pleasing.  

An exercise to try is varying the length of pants with sweaters or tops at home and judge what looks best when you turn around and surprise your self in the mirror.  Don't look too long, 3 seconds, make a judgement call, you brain knows what works so go with it!

Tie Dye Dress/Skirt: Violette Boulder $50
Leaf Belt: Urban Outfitters (old), $20
Heels: Modern Vintage 'Roxy' via Nordstrom Rack, $38/$250
Bracelet: Vince Camuto via NR, $25/$58
Necklace: J. Crew (last year) $40/ $90
Handbag: Coach Alex Sateen Signature Tote via NR $166

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